I am a lover of all things women’s health care and hormones, helping couples fall pregnant, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and mums and bubs.

Larissa is available for naturopathic consultations
in Cronulla from Monday to Saturday.
Email: info@larissamcbride.com.au
Ph: 0450 630 818

My name is Larissa and I am a naturopath in Sydney. I am a degree qualified and registered naturopath, clinical nutritionist and herbalist. I am also a very proud mumma and wife, adventure seeker and health nut.

I was introduced to naturopathy, at a very young age by my incredible mother. My upbringing was extremely nourished by home cooked meals, nutritional and herbal supplements, lots of outdoor activities and exercise.

This lit the fire for a burning passion for all things health related. My health allows me to live a life filled with so much love and joy.

For me health is freedom. Optimal health allows me to wake up and squeeze the most into my day.

I want to feel invigorated, strong, courageous and happy.

I am not perfect. My journey with health has met its struggles and challenges.

I battled cystic acne for over a decade, I had a disordered relationship with food (like most teenage girls!), I trashed my body in my 20’s, I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, subclinical hypothyroidism and unexplained infertility, and I have struggled with motherhood depletion, overwhelm and exhaustion.

What I just love and adore about naturopathy is that it gives me the knowledge, tools and inspiration to heal my body. When I am in balance my body thrives!

I am a closet “biohacker”… which means exploiting your biology so you live at your very best! I am always testing and trialling new and exciting ways to improve and optimise my health.

Embracing natural medicine has been absolutely life changing for me (and my husband!… and my little girl!!).

“Once a person is determined to help themselves, there is nothing that can stop them” – Nelson Mandela.

And this is exactly what I want so badly for my patients.

I want you to feel in control of your health. And feel vibrant, loved and joyful every day.

I want you to wake-up with exceptional whole-hearted MOTIVATION for embracing your personalised state of optimal health.

TOOLS to guide you to above and beyond your health goals.

Calendula flowers, open glass bottle and pipette with tincture on white background.


Herbal medicine utilises the powerful medicinal constituents of plants to support the body’s innate healing ability. Herbal medicine is prescribed in the form of liquid tincture, tablet or dried herb taken as herbal tea.

Assortment of fruits and vegetables inside box


Dietary change is fundamental to achieving optimal health because all of the structures and functions of the body are built on nutrients. There is nothing more satisfying than using food as medicine to nourish the body to provide strength and resilience.

Silhouette woman run under blue sky with clouds and sun


Naturopathy is a holistic form of medicine built on the premise that health should radiate from all areas of life including social, physical, emotional and psychological.

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Additional nutritional supplementation may be required in cases of increased nutritional requirements, where dietary interventions alone are not sufficient to achieve a therapeutic outcome.

Check this out… NATUROPATHY is suited to all areas of health