I absolutely loved working with this couple in helping them create their dream family with their beautiful baby boy…

“When family planning, my husband and I knew that it was very important for us to do preconception care because we wanted to be our healthiest before conceiving.

We wanted to work with a naturopath that specialised and had experience in helping couples prepare for having a healthy baby.

My partner and I have atopic conditions such as asthma and other allergies and understood that we needed professional guidance in supplementation.

Larissa was the perfect naturopath for us. She was knowledgeable, attentive and encouraging towards our whole pregnancy experience.

Larissa has prompt in providing naturopathic solutions to problems and concerns that we had during our pregnancy. I felt great throughout pregnancy and post-natal.

The result – a very happy and healthy baby. We’re extremely thankful for Larissa and would not hesitate to recommend her to others looking into preconception, pregnancy, and post-natal care.” – Angela

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