When you’re pregnant, sleep is pretty important. Not only does it keep your own body healthy and well-rested, it’s vital to the proper development of your fetus. Getting enough rest is linked to a decrease in cesarean sections and other birth complications. In other words, sleeping well makes the delivery process go more smoothly.

Unfortunately, pregnancy is extremely disruptive to your sleep. Not only do you have a swelling womb that interferes physically with how you lie on the bed, your changing body will provide plenty of challenges when you lie down each night. Pregnant women experience soreness, frequent urination, emotional turbulence, vivid dreams, heartburn, and even restless leg syndrome. In fact, almost 80% of pregnant mothers report that they have trouble getting enough sleep each night.

So how can you combat these issues? PregnancyPillows.org has released a helpful infographic that breaks down everything you need to know. It goes over what to expect during each stage of your pregnancy, what you can do to sleep well, and how you can use a pregnancy pillow to help you get plenty of rest each night.

One of the most interesting things about pregnancy is that it’s not static. During each trimester, your body will throw a different set of challenges your way. This means that the solutions you use to get to sleep each night will vary throughout your pregnancy. You might drink a lot during the morning during your first trimester, for example, or practice meditation or perform a relaxing activity before bed during your second trimester. During your third trimester, your growing belly will probably need a pregnancy pillow for support when you go to sleep each night.

Unlike other solutions, pregnancy pillows don’t eat into your precious time during the day. All you have to do is throw one on your bed and use it to cradle your womb as you fall asleep each night. You’ll enforce a healthier, more comfortable sleeping posture and create a cozy environment where you can feel secure amidst bad dreams and emotional turbulence. Best of all, pregnancy pillows are pretty affordable. You can find one that fits your bed and budget without too much trouble.

Because of this, it’s a great idea to add a pregnancy pillow to the solutions you use to combat lack of sleep during your pregnancy. They shouldn’t be your only solution — you should still limit daytime naps, cut caffeine, reduce stress, and get plenty of fluids and exercise. You should, however, make sure you layer every possible solution in order to make sure you get to sleep. Since throwing a pregnancy pillow on your bed takes practically no work, it’s a no-brainer.

To find out more about the specific ailments that pregnancy brings, be sure to check out the infographic provided by PregnancyPillows.org. It’s got lots of cute pictures that will illustrate your progress through your pregnancy and enough information to satisfy all of your questions. By following the advice it gives and using a pregnancy pillow, you’ll be able to get a lot more sleep and ensure that you’re rested when your baby is born.



Renee Downes is a mother of two and started pregnancypillows.org during her first pregnancy when she struggled to get a good night’s sleep. Her dream is to help other expectant mothers have a good night sleep too. https://pregnancypillows.org

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