Toxicity is unavoidable. In our everyday lives, all of us are exposed to some of the residual burden of the two to three thousand new-to-nature chemicals which are invented and released into the environment each year

Toxicity in its various forms is emerging as a chief cause of chronic disease. The key classes of diseases of toxicity include:
Reproductive and fertility issues
Immune/autoimmune disorders
Cardio metabolic disorders
Neurological disturbances
Endocrine disorders
Mitochondrial/fatigue disorders
Abnormal cell regulation/cancer

Not everyone is equally vulnerable to toxicity. There are many factors which affect toxic resistance. These include:
Exposures, timing, pattern duration
Diet and lifestyle nutritional status and exercise
Gut function
Liver function
Immune function

Naturopathic treatment is very effective at improving these resistance factors and reducing toxic burden.

FOUR MODALITIES FOR FOUR SEASONS” CLEANSE PROGRAM supports the body detoxification capacity and minimises toxic load.

Programs are tailored to the individual’s unique needs.

WHAT IS INVOLVED: 2 weeks * 4 times per year

Four modalities: nutrition * herbal medicine * nutritional supplements * lifestyle adviceLifestyle includes exercise, relaxation and sleep advice.

With this program you will eliminate all refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol, gluten and dairy. This is to give your gut and liver a break, so that the body can concentrate upon healing and restoration.

Handouts including an action plan, sample diet plan, recipes and timetable are provided to keep you on track.

Four short cleanses per year enables you to hit the reset button and undo any bad habits that have started to creep in AND set the stage for healthy living practices. Think of it like a seasonal reboot.

A cleanse should not be considered a fancy form of dieting even though weight loss is pretty much guaranteed. Think in terms of permanent positive changes to your health. Think in terms of NOURISHING your body, mind and spirit. A transition into lifelong good health practices that come naturally to you. Health is your birth right. Your natural state of being.


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